Codartis Diagram Tool for C#

Interactive code visualization tool to quickly explore, navigate and document source code structure and relationships.

Integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio.

Explore code visually
  • Add assemblies/projects, namespaces, types or members from source code to the diagram to visualize their relationships.
  • Use the diagram to discover relationships and hierarchies.
  • Let the diagram assist your mental map.
  • Jump from the diagram items to their source code.
Codartis Diagram Tool at a glance
Create diagrams easily
  • Save/load diagrams as JSON files and store them along with the source code.
  • Loading a diagram automatically syncs it with the current source code, making it easy to keep your diagrams valid and relevant.
  • Export the diagram as PNG image or copy/paste directly to a document.
  • The notation is compatible with standard UML class diagrams.
Codartis Diagram Tool in Visual Studio animation
Visual Studio integration
  • Add types from the code editor or Solution Explorer to the diagram using the context menu.
  • The diagram opens in a Visual Studio tool window.
  • Use the diagram for overview and for jumping to source code for details.
  • See the Help page for more details.


It's the same installer for the free trial and the full version.

You can start a free 30 day trial period when you start using the tool.

Please note that there are different installers for Visual Studio 2019 and 2022.

Codartis Diagram Tool
for Visual Studio 2019
Codartis Diagram Tool
for Visual Studio 2022

You can also find the tool on Visual Studio Marketplace: VS2019 version / VS2022 version

You can find old versions and change log here.


Licensing is perpetual, per-seat and includes new versions and support for 1 year.

See the Licensing FAQ for details.

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Standard License

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  • Each license can be used by one developer of the entity.
  • Volume discounts available, see details in the shopping cart.

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