Release Notes



  • New: Save/Load diagrams
    • Diagrams are saved as JSON files, so you can store them along with the source code files.
    • When a diagram is loaded it automatically tries to restore its links to the compiler's model.
    • A broken link on a diagram item indicates that it did not find its corresponding compiler symbol.
    • There's a new "Cleanup" toolbar button for removing unlinked items from the diagram.
  • Change: Updating the diagram from the source code no longer removes unlinked items, just marks them with a broken link icon. You can remove them with the "Cleanup" toolbar button.
  • New: Added a context menu to the node count indicator status bar item that clears the backing model cache.
  • Change: Pinning a node relaxes its placement constraints, allowing more freedom for manual layout. (E.g. pinning type hierarchy items allows for breaking the standard top-down tree shape.)
  • Fixed trial activation failures.
  • Various bug fixes.




  • Visual Studio minimum required versions changed to:
    • VS 2019: 16.11+
    • VS 2022: 17.2+
  • New: Selecting nodes
    • Click: select/unselect
    • CTRL+Click or SHIFT+Click: add/remove node to/from selection
    • CTRL+Drag: select multiple nodes
    • SHIFT+Drag: add nodes to selection
  • New: Context menu
    • Select all nodes (shortcut: CTRL+A)
    • Invert selection
    • Pin nodes (Selected/All)
    • Unpin nodes (Selected/All)
    • Remove nodes (Selected/All but selected/This node/All but this node)
  • New: Selected nodes are dragged together.
  • Change: Dragged node becomes pinned automatically. (Use context menu to unpin all/selected.)
  • Change: More tight layout allowed (disconnected nodes don't push each other apart).
  • Various bug fixes.




  • Improved responsiveness while communicating with the underlying parser.
    • Long running background operations can be canceled (eg. when updating a large model).
  • Nullable type associations are modeled as optional (0..1).
  • Member comments are displayed in tooltip.
  • Members are sorted by type and then by name.
  • Newly added nodes are highlighted and centered on the diagram.
    • If a type was already on the diagram then it's automatically updated from the source code.
  • Toolbar changes:
    • Added feedback button.
    • Changed show/hide type comments button icon.
  • Various bug fixes.




  • Add types and members to the diagram using the context menu:
    • from source code editor,
    • from Solution Explorer.
  • Code structure can be explored on the diagram.
    • Visual cues indicate when a node has related types/members.
    • Related types/members can be displayed using buttons on diagram nodes.
  • Double-click on diagram node jumps to corresponding source code.
  • Export diagram image to clipboard or file.
  • Refresh diagram to reflect source code changes.
  • Automatic layout + manual adjustment.
    • Pin nodes to fix their position.
  • Modeled types:
    • All C# types: class, struct, interface, enum, delegate.
    • Generics: type definitions, constructed generic types.
  • Modeled type features: access modifiers, disposable.
  • Modeled members: const, field, property, method, event.
  • Modeled member features: access modifiers, static.
  • Modeled relationships:
    • association (via fields/properties),
      • collection associations are marked with '*'
      • dictionary associations are annotated with [key]
    • inheritance,
    • interface implementation,
    • generic type construction,
    • usage as generic type argument,
    • containment (of members).
  • Supports Visual Studio 2019 and 2022.